Tears from crying woman

Chose your path


The words that comes from mouths, can turn the woman into a blue butterly.

But some of the words, which coming out so easily from mouths can also form scars in the woman´s soul.

Some of the persons have a different outlook on life and thats comes from various cultures and collective factors. Their thoughts about woman are unfortunately remains unchanged.

It´ s difficult for many of us to understand that the woman in many cultures, is still seen as a product. This kind of persons force women to take the path who is chosen for her.

It´ s very sad that the collective believe that they have the right to isolate, humiliate and break woman ´s self-esteem for their so called honor.

These kind of person always find a excuse to do horrible things to the women.

These person´ s might not dare to treat the woman unfairly, if she had the support and help from people with compassion and patience. The results is maybe that she would feel a little more self-esteem. It´s not easy for the woman to get away from violence in general. I think that some woman have been treated bad mentally and physically for a very long time, and can feel a kind of sympathy for their perpetrators. The Stockholm syndrome is actually not far from what some of woman can feel.

Woman with compassion

It ´s not easy for the woman to get up from the heavy burden…

Some woman may feel enormous anxiety and fear of breaking up the relationship with the perpetrator. It can be very threatening for her to escape. Some of these woman goes in circles without a final destination. Unfortunately when the woman get´s away from her perpetrators she feel similar symptoms, like (PTSD) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. These women feel nightmares, flashbacks, vigilance that can be excessive and anxiety attacks.

Some people´ s wonder, how can these woman endure suffering. The bad behavior don´t come from her perpetrators at once.

Bad behaviors are successively upgraded…

Unfortunately, the woman is used to. Violations become her water and the perpetrator´ s killing looks, becomes her scar.

The woman is a strong creature who always sacrifices a part of herself.

If the woman doesn´ t have relationship, she sacrifices a bit of herself for her family and their desires to become a ”good” woman.

If the she lives in a destructive relationship and have children, it´s verry difficult to break the relationship. The healty mother with compassion, can feel the hell when they know the perpetrator can threaten to take the children away.

It´ s easy for some people to respond unjustly to the woman

It´s so sad that some people can´t think a little deeper…
How can a mother take that risk? After all, she doesn´t want her children suffer. And for the sake of the children she bury her pride, will, tears, anger and even her ego. These woman are fighting for their children from day one. of course, the perpetrators will continue to open the mother´ s bleeding scars, but she will stand unbreakable and see in the eyes her perpetrator as a single mirror. The mother will fight for her children.

Yes, many say to these types of woman that they are being exploited by the perpetrators….

These mother´ s are entitled to a certain part, but she has changed her ego. Children ´s will is her Bible. And the mother stand up and have the power to be unbroken.

Tears from the crying woman may never end. But YOU who can´ ´t help her, please don´t have opinions about her.

YOU who want to help, thank you but please give her understanding and time. It´ s not so easy to get out of a destructive relation.

YOU, who are silent…Remember that you can also end up in a vicious circle.

YOU, who are Woman or Man in destructive relationships can somehow stand on your feet against all odds. Violence is there for some women, but the authorities can interrupt the pattern through education for the new generations.

Woman be stronger against all odds and continue to fight and have positive thoughts 💋